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This looks a lot like smoking.

Are vapor products just as bad as smoking?

While most consumers in the United States today think vaping is just as harmful as smoking, millions of vape consumers disagree. They're in good company. Public Health England, The National Academy of Sciences, and even the commissioner of the tobacco division of the FDA have all publicly stated otherwise.

Vapor has massive potential for benefiting public health through harm reduction. But electronic cigarette and vaporizer usage is not without its own risks.

Vaporizer, mainstream aerosol
Cigarette, mainstream smoke

This looks very different from smoking.

Depending on the exact device, liquid composition, and other conditions, vapor can deliver the satisfaction of nicotine without tar and many other cancer-causing components of tobacco smoke.

Of course, vapor products can also produce high levels of carcinogens. But under what conditions? 

Can we ensure the relative safety of these products?

We can all agree: careful studies are needed.

Years of careful research will be necessary to create product guidelines and regulations that effectively promote population-level harm reduction. Gram exists to facilitate vapor product testing and evaluation.

Gram Research builds precision tools that facilitate these critical studies.

We make it easy for researchers to perform rigorous, repeatable experiments with vapor products under consistent testing conditions. Materials & methods are our specialty.

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