What's in that vapor?

Test vapor product emissions with our Universal Vaping Machine.

UVM Overview

Gram's Universal Vaping Machine is indispensable to any experiment or test process that requires smoke, vapor, or aerosol produced and sampled under consistent, repeatable conditions.

Similar in purpose to a linear smoking machine, Gram's universal vaping machine is built specifically to accommodate the nuances of vapor products. This machine is based on our own precision syringe pump design, which is capable of flow rates up to 45 mL/s and puff volumes of up to 100 mL.

This flexible and modular system can execute standard smoking regimens like ISO 3308, Canadian Intensive Regime (CIR), and CORESTA no 81.

But we're not satisfied with mere compliance with industry standards. Our machine is also able to replicate real-world, human puff profiles recorded with our smart vaporizer.

Since 2015, Gram Research has been recording dynamic vaping topographies from real users in the real world and playing back their usage with this precision laboratory instrument. Together, the Gram vaping machine and the Gram smart vaporizer form a powerful and comprehensive vapor research platform.

Modular hardware for maximum flexibility

The Gram universal vaping machine features a precision syringe pump and a three way directional control valve. After the syringe withdraws an inhalation, the valve switches and expels the aerosol through a third 'exhale' port, which can be connected to aerosol capture apparatus or exposure chambers.
Commonly connected to the system exhale / exhaust port:

Test any vapor product

If it produces smoke or vapor, you can test it with Gram.
Gram's Universal Vaping Machine is quickly and simply connected to all manner of vape pens, cartridges, and ENDS. Different vapor products - like common consumer vaporizer batteries and heat not burn (HNB) products - can serve as independent variables in certain experimental applications.

Powerful, intuitive software

Gram gives you complete control with our customizable desktop PC software.

Set pump speed, duration, rest intervals, vapor power settings, number of puffs, and more with Gram's graphical user interface. Create and save custom testing regimes with the click of a button.

Need something special? Contact us today to discuss custom software applications.

No cleaning.

All flow-path surfaces that come into contact with smoke or vapor can be removed and replaced in seconds. Our pump's 140 mL syringes are disposable and our stainless steel 3-way valves can be quickly swapped out.


The Universal Vaping Machine system's exhaust port can route the generated vapor sample to your choice of apparatus, enabling a wide variety of applications according to your needs.

Example applications include:
• Capturing smoke, aerosols and vapors for chemical analysis;
• Exposing animals and cell cultures to consistent, repeatable doses of smoke or vapor;
• Characterizing and benchmarking vaporizer device and cartridge performance;
• Quality assurance for commercial vapor products (disposable vape pens and pre-filled oil cartridges);
• Battery longevity studies (number of standard puffs until battery exhaustion);
• Oil or liquid product longevity studies (number of standard puffs until oil is depleted);
• Emissions testing for regulatory compliance

Control and evaluate power and temperature settings

‍How do different power settings affect the output of a vaporizer?

Gram makes it easy to answer this question by giving you control of the vaporizer's power source - directly or indirectly.

The Gram system can supply a regulated variable voltage (up to 3.0 amps) directly to any vape cartridge or atomizer. In this case, our machine replaces the vape pen battery as a power source.

The Gram system can activate a 'button-pusher' solenoid to activate consumer vaporizer batteries. Evaluate consumer vaporizer batteries - including temperature-controlled variable voltage box mods - with ease.

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