Universal Vaping Machine

Gram's universal vaping machine is indispensable to any experiment that requires smoke, vapor, or aerosol produced under consistent, repeatable conditions.

Similar to a linear smoking machine, Gram's universal vaping machine is built specifically to accommodate the nuances of vapor products. This machine is based on our own precision syringe pump design, which is capable of flow rates up to 45mL/s and puff volumes of up to 100mL.

This flexible and modular system can execute standard smoking regimens like ISO 3308, Canadian Intensive Regime (CIR), and CORESTA no 81.

But we're not satisfied with mere compliance with current industry standards. Our machine is also able to replicate real-world, human puff profiles recorded with our smart vaporizer.

Since 2015, Gram Research been recording dynamic vaping topographies from real users in the real world, and playing back their usage with this precision laboratory instrument. Together, the Gram vaping machine and the Gram smart vaporizer form a powerful and comprehensive vapor research platform.
Our machine is also able to replicate real-world, human puff profiles recorded with the Gram smart vaporizer.

Powerful, intuitive control software

Gram gives you complete control, with our desktop PC software. Connect the Gram system to any Windows PC with a standard USB cable (included). Set pump speed, duration, rest intervals, vapor power settings, number of puffs, and more with the graphical user interface. Create and save custom testing regimes with the click of a button.

Need something special? Contact us today to discuss custom software applications.

Modular hardware for maximum flexibility

The Gram universal vaping  machine features a precision syringe pump and a three way directional control valve. After the syringe withdraws an inhalation, the valve switches and expels the aerosol through a third port.

According to your experimental application, this valve outlet port can connect to your choice of apparatus:

  • filter pads and gas dispersion tubes for analytical chemistry,
  • cell culture exposure chambers for in vitro experiments,
  • exposure chambers for experiments with live rats and other rodents,
  • dilution and aerosol aging chambers

Target applications include characterizing and benchmarking vaporizer device performance; capturing and analyzing smoke, aerosols and vapors; generating and exposing animals and cell cultures to consistent, repeatable doses of smoke or vapor; and many more.

Test any vaporizer product

Whether you are exposing a model organism to a new heat-not-burn product's aerosol or capturing that aerosol for chemical analysis, the nature of the power delivered to any one atomizer has a direct effect on the resulting aerosol delivery and composition. This is one of the most critical variables to isolate and control when working with any vapor product in a scientific manner.
..the nature of the power delivered to any one atomizer has a direct effect on aerosol delivery and composition.

Gram makes it easy to use various power sources - like common consumer vaporizer batteries, and various heat not burn (HNB) products - which can serve as independent variables in certain experimental applications.

Or, to eliminate the variable of power source, use power supplied directly from the Gram system. According to the software parameters you select, the Gram system can supply a regulated and user-adjustable 5.0 volts (up to 10 watts) directly to any vape cartridge or atomizer. Dial the power and down at will - you're in complete control with Gram.